The new Mid-Coast School of Technology shall be a multi-phased project, on a student-occupied site, including but not limited to the construction of the new approximately 91,000 square-foot technical high school, related site work, and support areas; as well as the demolition of the existing approximately 54,000 square-foot high school. In general, the current major components of the Project may be defined as follows:

Phase 1. Construct approximately 91,000 square-feet of new technical high school and support areas: August 01, 2017 thru May 30, 2019. Construction is to take place on the same site as the existing high school while the existing high school remains fully operational.

Phase 2. Install a closed-loop geothermal system within the existing parking lot area(s) of the Existing school: June 20, 2018 thru August 30, 2018.
Phase 3. Demolish the existing high school. Construct new parking area(s) in place of the existing high school after demolition: June 20, 2019 thru August 30, 2019.

Construction costs for the Project as generally defined above, including building and site construction, HAZMAT remediation (by Owner), and demolition are expected to total approximately: Twenty-One Million dollars ($21,000,000.00).

It shall be understood that the above description of scheduled phasing dates are a priority to the successful completion of the Project. It shall be understood that the estimation of cost shall be subject to a competitive bidding process.